In 2016 Camp Covenant was re-purchased by the original founder's grandchildren.

After a year of renovation the camp reopened in 2017. In 2018 they completed another successful season of camp programs! 2019 will be bigger than before!

Ty & Abby Tracy
Business Directors

Ty and his wife, Abby, are successful business owners of SES Superior Excavation, LLC in Boerne, Texas. Abby is a co-owner of Cadillac Jack Boot City and was Mrs. Texas in 2011. 
Both lead the business side of our ministry and have special 
skills that attribute to the camp's property management and programs.

Dr. Walter Tracy & Rhonda Tracy

Walter and Rhonda have been working in ministry their entire lives. They founded Camp Covenant with Rhonda's parents, Clarence and Helen. They also founded Vanguard Christian Institute where Rhonda is the school administer, and Christian Character Ministries in Boerne, Texas. Dr. Walter Tracy is an author and a minister at Christian Character Ministries. His book "Who am I?" is the foundation of our program at Camp Covenant. Both possess a long list of ministry skills and attributes that contribute to every single event and detail at our camps and we are honored to have them lead and advise our staff and family.

Greg & Tricia Parker
Program Directors

Greg and Tricia are the camp program directors and handle all of the organizing for each of our camp seasons. Both have worked in ministry for over 20 years. Greg Parker is currently the principal of Vanguard Christian Institute, and Tricia Parker is the women's ministry leader at Christian Character Ministries.

Suzannah Danae
Creative Director + PR

Suzannah is the youngest of the Rhodes' grandchildren. She has been a professional artist living in Austin, Texas for ten years. She has worked in publishing, fashion, and other various fields for hire and also as a consultant. She currently owns the adjacent property to Camp Covenant, Rhodes Ranch Bandera.