2018 Dates are Announced!

Welcome to the new Covenant Ministries newsletter!

Here we will update you with personal articles from our team members on each of our camps hosted at Covenant Ranch!

We're so excited to share that our 2018 Dates have been announced!

Camp Shield

June 24-30


July 8-14

Camp Covenant

July 22-28

Our Early bird special is $525 this year with registration before May 20th!

We have several exciting changes coming to our camp program, and plenty of updates on our rebuilding project so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here to get updates from us whenever we post!

One of our big changes is that we are currently updating our online registration process to make it much easier to register for multiple camps! This has been requested last year and is in the works for this season. We also are conjoining our camp websites into one for more convenience in viewing our different programs! We hope to make the site more informational and user friendly to help each camper family find what they are looking for! Any suggestions? Let us know below in the comments!

Thanks for reading and we are so excited to see you this year at camp!

-Suzannah Camp Covenant Creative/PR Director


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