Just 30 minutes from San Antonio, Texas!

Camp Covenant Ministries hosts 3 Christian leadership camp sessions each year! Read more about our individual camps here!

Helen Rhodes Etched Bible Verses in the foundation of the Camp Ground





Camp Covenant Ministries hosts 3 Camp Programs!
Camp Covenant


Camp Covenant is a Christian leadership and adventure two week co-ed camp for kids ages 6-13.

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Camp Shield

Boys Camp

Camp Shield is a Christian leadership

and adventure training summer camp for boys ages 9-15.

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Girls Camp

EquipGirl is a mix of a girls' summer camp, finishing school, Christian leadership conference and so much more. Girls ages 6-15.

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Our 2019 Summer Session Camp Covenant Co-Ed Family camps have finished and 2020 dates will be announced soon!


What if there were a place where kids could step out of their normal everyday routine and have an amazing camp adventure?- but instead of just a week of fun – these campers could additionally gain valuable skills during that week that could forever change their lives and give them the tools necessary to process anything that comes at them in life the right way. 

It may sound too good to be true – but Camp Covenant is that place!........ 

2017 Season Exterior