2018 Season Ends

It's official! the 2018 Camp Covenant Summer Camp season has come to an end! We had an amazing, successful second year of camp on the renovated property, and we are so excited about the progress our program has made in the past two years! We were blessed to have several churches collaborate and have a special camp at the beginning of the summer! Then Camp Shield knocked it out of the park with our most exciting season of adventure leadership training yet! This year we also had the return of the karaoke show staff hosts at EquipGirl!

Each session was truly inspiring for our staff and we are so grateful that we have been blessed with amazing campers and camper parents each time! Thank you!

For 2019 we are already hard at work in planning! We have gathered any requests, comments, and suggestions, and have taken them into our meetings for next season! Lots of exciting news to come! Until we announce 2019 dates we would love to hear more from you any suggestions or comments can be left below or emailed to us! thecampcovenant@gmail.com

Thank you again so much to the campers, the staff and especially the volunteers for our 2018 season. We are so blessed by every single person who is involved with Camp Covenant. Thank you all so much!


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